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What Is Intellectual Property?
Intellectual Property refers to creations of the mind or intellect.
Trade Marks and Service Marks
Trade and Service Marks are the means by which a trader identifies their goods or services.
A design consists of the visual and/or ornamental characteristics applied to an article of manufacture or the outward appearance of an article of manufacture. It can apply to the shape, configuration, appearance and/or surface ornamentation of a thing.
A patent is a monopoly right granted to the inventor or discoverer of any new and useful process, machine, manufacture, or composition of matter, or of any new and useful improvement for a process, machine, manufacture or composition of matter.
Copyright gives a measure of legal protection to the creators of original literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works. It allows them to control the ways in which their material may be commercially exploited. The protection broadly covers the copying
Domain Names
A Domain Name is the term used to describe the regions of administrative authority within the Domain Name System used for the Internet.
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Intellectual Property Registration

The Intellectual Property Office is a division of the Registry General.  The Intellectual Property Office grants rights in Patents, Designs, Trade and Service Marks, registers country-code top-level domain names, advises on copyright matters and generally administers Intellectual Property legislation in Bermuda.

In particular, the Intellectual Property Office is responsible for the following:

bullet Receiving and examining Trade and Service Mark applications and granting  Trade Mark and Service Mark rights.

bullet Receiving and examining Design applications and granting Design rights.

bullet Receiving and examining Patent applications and granting Patent rights.

bullet Providing information on all aspects of Intellectual Property.

Click here to download a copy of “The World of Copyright and You” brochure

bullet Promoting awareness of Intellectual Property rights.


Advising the Bermuda Government and the public on matters surrounding Copyright protection.

The registration of country-code top-level domain names.

bullet Reviewing and formulating Intellectual Property policies and legislation.

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Registry General Fees  

Fees effective from April 1, 2014 to March 31, 2016.
Subject to change without notice
Click each link below to view the associated fees.

  • Birth Certificates
  • Death Certificates
  • Marriage Certificates, Etc.
  • Other

Please consult the Government Fees Amendment Regulations 2014 for other fees not listed above or call the Registry General.
* Applicable when ordered before or at time of registration OR when registration number has been provided by the customer.
** Applicable when certificates are requested under the standard 2-day production period.
PH Per hour or any part thereof.

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