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All staff can be contacted through the receptionist at 293-2470

General Manager

Aaron Adderley


Administrative Assistant

Tracey Furbert


Air Operations

George Rhodes 


Air Operations Officer

Lonnie Bascome Jr. 


Aviation Security Office

Lisa Rawlins


Asst. Aviation Security Officer

John Pitcher  

Maintenance & Engineering

Wendall Burchall



Superintendent, Airfield & Construction




Superintendent, Technical Services

Robert Daniels 


Superintendent, Buildings & Maintenance



CAD Technician

Tyrone Smith


Manager, Terminals



Terminals Officer

Tina Minors


Aviations Marketing Officer 



Commercial Manager

Jaqueline Horsfield 


Financial Comptroller

Andrew Morille 


Financial Analyst

Allison Russell


Office Manager

Tikitta Suhartono 


Payables Clerk 

Lisa Smith


Revenue Administrator

Marshalle Augustus



Michelle Wikinson


Duty Officers



Airport Traffic Officers

Pam Brockington
Gavin Kennedy
Charlotte Bosch De Noya
Mikkel Harris
Lisa Wilson

Glensworth Bailey
Kathy Bean
Carmen Brangman
Philip Pitcher
Calvina Wade