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Mission Statement

To develop the right regulatory framework and facilitate the adoption and advancement of ICT skills and innovation, so that Bermuda continues to be recognised as a prime jurisdiction that leverages and advances the digital economy.



Bermuda is a place where all businesses, organisations and citizens maximize their potential in a global digital society.



·         Significantly advance the development of privacy legislation

·         Advocate for the continued development, use and adoption of technology among businesses, organisations, Government and the population, to exploit the opportunities that a digital economy brings.

·         Provide opportunities for technology education, mentoring and training, as well as encourage opportunities for education through technological means.

·          Promote Bermuda as a sophisticated and security conscious technology and e-business jurisdiction, in order to continue to maintain and attract international business to Bermuda.

The Department of E-Commerce
Ministry of Economic Development
Government Administration Building| 30 Parliament Street | 3rd Floor| Hamilton, Bermuda HM12
Phone: (441) 294-2774