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Welcome to the website of the Department of Public Prosecutions

We hope that the website will provide an effective interface with the general public, in order to clarify what the Prosecution Service does on a day to day basis and what our role is in the criminal justice system.
Trial related matters are often confidential because of issues of privacy of victims and witnesses and because it is important that nothing occurs to damage the trial process. This does not however mean that the Prosecution Service can not explain its processes in general, in a non case specific manner.
The site you see will be developed over time and it is hoped it will facilitate a better understanding of how justice is administered in Bermuda.

Rory Field
Director of Public Prosecutions
31 March 2010 

DPP History & Guiding Legislation

Our mission, as prosecutors, is to uphold and honour our duties as "Ministers of Justice" in the criminal justice system of Bermuda. To that end, we will be guided by the principles of fairness and equity, maintaining the honourable traditions of the legal profession. We will be ever mindful of our obligation to serve the public interest and criminal justice agencies with care, consistency and integrity. As guardians of the rule of law, we will prosecute in a manner that is fearless, impartial, transparent and diligent.