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Customs Automated Processing System (CAPS)

The CAPS system has been designed to automate the receiving and processing of customs declarations.  This will include all imports, exports, and bonded goods processes.  Declarations can be received in both paper form (using the new Bermuda Customs Declaration) or electronically direct into the CAPS system.  In addition, kiosks will be introduced in Customs Offices allowing importers to enter their declarations into CAPS.

Trader Registration

In order to simplify the declaration process, and more easily keep track of importers declarations, we will be asking each importer to register with Customs so that their details can be held electronically.  We will then assign a unique "Trader ID Number" which can be used on the BCD in all correspondence with Customs.  You can register for your CAPS Trader ID Number on-line by selecting this link.

Electronic Submission of BCD

Traders wishing to use the electronic BCD submission feature will need to demonstrate the integrity of their own internal systems and processes to HM Customs.  For each BCD, a file must be created by the trader and transferred using FTP (File Transfer Protocol) software to a local Internet Service Provider. The CAPS system will then collect the files, process them, and send back a confirmation detailing any errors.  This transmission method is both fast and secure, and does not require expensive hardware and software, or incur any transaction charges.

Traders and system suppliers wishing to gain a greater understanding of the technical requirements of the electronic BCD submission feature of CAPS should contact the CAPS office or download Public Notice number 12.