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Contact information:
Department of Land Valuation
Global House, 43 Church Street
Hamilton, Bermuda HM 12
Telephone: 441-297-7964  
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The Mission
The mission of the Land Valuation office is to maintain an up-to-date and accurate valuation list of all properties on the Island for land tax purposes.  This entails a quinquennial revaluation of all properties, and the inspection and valuation of premises that are constructed, expanded or altered between revaluations.

The Office provides valuation advice for stamp duty purposes to the Tax Comissioner and the Registrar of the Supreme Court.

The Office maintains and provides a comprehensive property database for other government departments including Transport Control, Registry General and Statistics; and a departmental web site that provides the public with access to current land tax information.

To look up Assessment Information and see the Valuation List, CLICK HERE